Thursday, April 2, 2009

Sexy Sarah Palin Beauty Suit Bikini Video (Swimsuit in Modern Lingo)

After John McCain announced Sarah Palin as his running mate, one of the initial pieces of data we were able to dig up on the doltish yet cute governor that she was indeed in beauty contest in 1984, winning Miss Wasilla competition and later Miss Alaska. Sarah Palin later went on to be come mayor of Wasilla, which at that time had a population of around 9,000.

Now I’m somewhat a snarky bastard, and I snarked that her being governor may have had something to do with an old man’s found memories of Sarah Palin’s sexy body in a bikini or bathing suit. Or, ‘beauty suit’ as it’s properly called in the fashion world.

With no further delay, I present to you — dear readers — exclusive video tipped by a reader. Sarah Palin in the Alaska 1984 beauty contest in a bikini. Yowsa. Credentials for 200, Trebek?

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