Friday, April 10, 2009

Claire Sweeney reveals flirty encounter with Bill Clinton

TV personality Claire Sweeney has revealed that she once had a flirty encounter with then president Bill Clinton, when he tried to make eyes at her.

It was at a costume party in Russia hosted by Cliff Richard that Clinton walked up to Claire and tried to lure her with his cheeky lines.

Clinton came over to me dressed as an Admiral. He starts chatting me up. His bodyguard came over and told him, Mr President, its time to go, the Sun quoted Claire as saying.

However, Clinton could not succeed in hooking up with her, as his bodyguards came to remind him that it was getting too late.

I say Bill you want to stay dont you? Your left leg is dancing. He says my middle leg is about to start dancing. I shook his hand and said Im keeping my dress clean, goodnight Mr President, Claire added.

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