Monday, April 13, 2009

Kara Young AJ Benza!

That infamous Kara Young AJ Benza Howard Stern broadcast is back in the press today. AJ Benza’s Donald Trump Kara Young on air fight was explained by Benza back in 2001.

Kara Young was the stunning Revlon Model who went from dating Benza, to Trump, to marrying neither.

After the Stern interview, Benza opened up to MediaWeek at LALATE’s favorite Nate N Al’s deli here in Los Angeles about what happened.

“I got very Brooklyn on him, and I hadn’t talked to Kara since then. I cried, she cried.”

Trump reportedly said during the broadcast:

“She told me you were losing your hair, A.J., and you’ve done the transplant.”

Benza’s response:

“Donald, shut up. You got plugs”.

Benza explained how he was left after his breakup with Young:

“Long story short, I loved the girl very much, and I thought she’d be my wife. She did date him for a while, but I’m willing to move past that. It looks stupid when you get in a fight over a girl, especially when neither one of you are any longer with the girl.”

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