Thursday, April 9, 2009

'Idol:' Can't get you out of my head

Well, I certainly hope that group sing was live and not lip-synched, because I can't imagine the "Idol" producers would record such an awful, discordant performance and then play it back for the world. Kylie Minogue dance tracks are clearly not designed for "Up With People" treatment -- and I suspect there might have been someone throwing those harmonies way, way off. (Also: Frankie Avalon is creepily well-preserved, given that he's got to be pushing 80. And while he can't sing anymore, he still has stage presence. Idols, take note.)

Notes on tonight's elimination, meanwhile, come after the jump...

So who were the two judges who wanted Scott to stay? And were they truly serious? And does this disqualify them as judges? And didn't those five minutes of deliberation make for some supremely awkward television?

I'm assuming one of the supporters was Paula, since Scott has always appealed to her rainbow-loving tendencies. I suppose the other one was Kara, who sounded like Paula whenever Scott took the stage. Randy was awfully silent, after all. And we know he can hear off notes.

So thank goodness for Simon and his willingness to be the bad guy. If they're going to use the save -- and they have two more weeks to do it -- they might as well reserve it for Allison. Based on Simon's comments tonight, they might still want to protect Lil, too. I wonder if the producers want to keep her in for gender balance and diversity, as well as for the fact the she has deep reserves of talent, even though she has yet to figure out how to use them.

As for Scott, as I've said before, he seems like a truly nice guy with a good sense of humor, and I wish him well. So long as he doesn't come over to my house and try to sing anything.

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