Sunday, April 12, 2009

Latest Obama leak: Obama's Portuguese Water dog, Bo makes a splash

The Washington Post is reporting that the Obama's new Portuguese Water dog has been identified and is making appearances all over the internet.

A website called "First Dog Charlie" has published a picture of the new Obama dog. He is a 6 month old Portuguese water dog given to the family by Senator Edward Kennedy of Massachusetts.

TMZ, the celebrity gossip site has published an article that claims they have "lots of exclusive details" on the dog. The First Dog will make his official public debut on Tuesday but it's apparent that the news has been leaked.

The dog has been named Bo. The Washington Post reports that the Obama girls, Malia and Sasha chose the name in honor of their cousins cat and their maternal grandfather whose nickname is Diddley.

The Associated Press is reporting that first lady Michelle Obama arranged an exclusive deal with the Washington Post for exclusive details according to anonymous White House sources.

The First Dog Charlie website has posted photographs of the Portuguese water dog they claim is the Obama's dog and he is adorable, a tuxedo dog. The Washington Post has a picture of what appears to be the same dog.

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