Friday, April 10, 2009

VIDEO: Michelle Obama Plants First Seeds in White House Garden

Now that the European summit fashion show is over, first lady Michelle Obama can get back to tending the White House garden, which turned out to be the hot topic of the Euro trip.

It was "the number one question I got as the first lady from world leaders—they were excited about this garden," she told a group of Washington, D.C., students ready to help her plant lettuce, spinach, herbs and other fruits and vegetables to be used for the White House dinners.

When she asked the kids to guess how much the whole thing cost to plant, one boy guessed $100,000, to which she responded, "My husband would go crazy if he thought we were spending that kind of money...It's between $100 and $200. So it's not a lot of money."

As for the highly anticipated Obama dog, it's coming "soon." If so, we're guessing some of those vegetables might be dug up a little early.

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